Live in Freedom

Live in Freedom

Live in Freedom

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Jun 26, 2009

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Miriam Subirana
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To live in freedom is to embrace life, let go of the reins and know how to use them and achieve your goals. You do not live at the mercy of others. You choose each step, according to what you decide. You know what you want and you are aware of your decisions. A free being is the one who recognises their potential, cares for it, nourishes it, uses it and expresses it. It is an awakened being.

To live in freedom you need the power of concentration, which allows you to distance yourself from what is useless, and the power of determination, in order to bring about what you long for. You need to respect yourself, respect others and your surroundings. We have to know ourselves better, question our beliefs, clean out the store cupboard of the memories that keep us anchored to the past and overcome fears, which put a brake on and block our immense creative energy.

This book offers different ideas, questions and reflections so that you might embrace life, change and uncertainty. For you to live in enjoyment, laugh, accept, confront, love and share. For you to let go of the baggage that you do not need.

Miriam Subirana is a Doctor in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. She coordinates programmes, projects, seminars and retreats, whose objective is to re-find and live one’s identity and enjoy a fuller life.

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