Stepping into the unknown with children

​Children’s Unexplained Experiences in a Post Materialist World

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A guidebook compiled of tips from Fortune 500 consultants, executives, and managers, that helped them achieve career, network, and financial success.

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The Birth of Physics in the Sensuous Cosmos

This idealist solution to the mind-body problem, which is compellingly integrated with quantum physics, affirms human free will and agency

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Similarities Discovered Between the Brain and Universe

Universe Within makes the case that the human brain is a physical model of the universe because of structural and dynamical similarities shared between the two systems based on the pictures emerging out of neuroscience and physics, respectively. The relationship between the human brain and the universe revealed by Melvin A. Felton, Jr. might be the missing principle that leads to the theory-of-everything.

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Jumping sharks and dropping mics

A collection of “modern idioms”, phrases that are now a part of our vocabulary at large. ​No flash in the pan? Modern idioms are all around us, if only we know where to look.

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Ten books you must read to make this year your most successful year to date

Business Books publishes practical guides and insightful non-fiction for beginners and professionals. Covering aspects from management skills, leadership and organizational change to positive work environments, career coaching and self-care for managers, our books are a valuable addition to those working in the world of business.

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Expanding Reality

Understanding where science can take us when viewed without the lens of materialism.

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We are not whom we seem to be. Not even close.

Preposterous as it sounds, we are not who we seem to be. Not even close. At the heart of this misperception is our deep-seated conviction of free choice. Based on emerging neurobehavioral science findings, The Deceptive Brain makes the case for human experience as a narrative illusion—an executive summary of sorts—that emerges from an incredibly complex brain.

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What is Universalism

Universalism sees everything in relation to the oneness of the universe, the One...

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Essential reading for understanding our World in 2021

Books that augment our understanding of the human condition, society and civilization, and the world or universe in which we live.

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Level up your career today

Too many great employees fail to become great managers, because the skills that make a great employee do not automatically translate into an ability to inspire and drive a team towards fantastic results. The book flags the main challenges that a new manager will face and gives actionable advice that they can immediately apply with their new team.

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Finding Sustainability

What’s your moment to push you toward sustainability?

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