Manuscript Submissions

To submit your manuscript please select which of our imprints is right for your submission. If you do not know which imprint is appropriate you will be taken to our imprints page to find out more. Please read the submission guidelines below before submitting your manuscript. You can only submit a manuscript by selecting an imprint below and then filling out the form that appears. We cannot accept submissions via direct email. We only accept one manuscript at a time; please do not submit multiple titles. Not yet finished your manuscript? Read our writing tips here.

I don't know which imprint is right

1. Please tell us about yourself
2. Please tell us about your book
3. Please upload your manuscript below. We accept: doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf*

The vast majority of our new titles come from development work by our publishers, existing authors, and submissions via our website. There are some recent comments from authors in our Publishing Guide: The Way We Work

We are a dynamic, forward-looking independent publisher that welcomes unsolicited manuscripts. We are looking for books that will inspire, inform and illuminate the lives of readers – with subjects that push the boundaries, are unusual or definitive (maybe even both), delve into new areas of popular subjects, and could never be classed as generic. We want authors with talent, who are ambitious, committed to working with us to promote their books and know how to connect with their community. This alchemic mix of author and subject is what makes our list so unique and successful. Are you ready to be part of it?

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We do work with:

  • Communications through the website.
  • The Forum.
  • Social-media groups.

We do not work with:

  • Post.
  • Phones (we do not have them on the desk)
  • Emails (except in limited circumstances)

First, find the right imprint for your book. See our list here or watch a video about them here.

Tell us a bit About You, your Previous Books if you have any, give us a Brief Description about what it’s about, who it’s aimed at and how much you think it’s going to sell.

  • ✅ We only accept one manuscript at a time.

  • ✅ Your book doesn’t need to be finished but the sample text needs at least 5000 words

  • ✅ Upload your file as a doc or docx file.

  • ✅ Please submit only one document, not several for different chapters.

  • ✅ For supporting documents, PDF, JPEG, and Excel files are okay.

  • ✅ Files up to 4MB supported

  • ❌ Make sure there are no special characters in your filenames such as / " ! etc.

  • ❌ Files over 4MB not supported.

  • ❌ If your files and filenames are not in the correct format or the wrong size they will not upload or issue a warning.

To make sure that we deliver the best service to our authors and achieve the best results that we can, our publishing program relies on technology at all stages as well as an author’s active participation in promoting their book.

This system has worked well for hundreds of books, but it does mean that we manage author care differently from more traditional publishers. It doesn't mean we don’t take care of our authors or develop close relationships; it is just that the nuts and bolts of seeing a book through to publication are dealt with efficiently by the email notifications, our online database, shared access to a Contacts Database for promotion, and detailed sales reports updated monthly. It’s a transparent system that we’ve found builds trust and collaborative spirit between our team and our authors.

Because this is not how many authors have experienced the publishing process, or how they expect the process to happen, we have created a detailed Publishing Guide to support them. We advise and expect every author to use the Publishing Guide as the first port of call for advice and reference. For genuine queries that aren’t covered or that authors don’t feel are covered clearly, they have access to nearly everyone in the company on our Author Forum.

This way of working allows us to spend more time on production, sales and marketing for our books, and prevents us from having to answer the queries that are applicable to most titles, such as "What category should be the book be?" or "How can I get books to a conference in Chile?”

Whilst using technology like this might not be the best solution for every book, it is the best solution for the way we run our business, and many of our authors enjoy using the system for its transparency and collaborative spirit. A system so reliant on technology is not perfect for all authors, but it is a prerequisite to being published with us. So we require all authors to use the system.

  • If we like your inquiry, we will invite you to submit a full proposal.

  • We respond occasionally in hours, usually days, and unlikely over a week.

  • If we like your proposal, we will offer you one of our four contracts.

  • The time between submitting an inquiry to a decline or offer of a contract is usually about two weeks.

For full detail on the process, please read How to Publish with Us

Need more information?

The complete details of our publishing process can be found in our Publishing Guide. It should have the answers to any questions you have.

Publishing Guide