Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful

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Mar 31, 2009

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Jenny Smedley
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Afterlife & reincarnation, Angels & spirit guides, Animals (general)


Most animal lovers, in their lives, have experienced bonding with a very special dog. These are the dogs that seem more than just dogs, almost human. They appear to reason and be responsible for their actions. They are self-aware and therefore sentient. Jenny Smedley believes these are the dogs that 'return'. Life after life they reappear at our sides, spiritually understanding, and containing a spark of our own soul within them. Losing a much loved dog such as this is traumatic, but Forver Faithful gives convincing evidence that death need not be the end of the relationship, and you may well find that dog back with you in a new body. By following the natural creed that accompanies this information, the bond between owner and returned dog can be breath-taking in its intensity. Forever Faithful tells the poignant story of one such dog, and how she found her way back to her owner in a new life. Jenny Smedley is the author of Past Life Angels and The Tree That Talked and writes for many MBS magazines.

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