Luke Eastwood

Luke Eastwood

Luke is originally from Aberdeen Scotland although he has lived mostly in England and Ireland. Brought up as a Catholic, he was introduced to Buddhism by an uncle at the age of 15 and has ever since had an interest in spirituality and esoteric arts. He spent ten years in London first as a university student and subsequently working. He has worked as a Graphic Designer, Musician and as a Horticulturist. He trained at Dublin School of Horticulture in 2006-2008, with its founder Carl Dacus.

His interest in religion combined with an interest in history and celtic culture led him to become involved in paganism in the early 90s and pursue private study of Druidry. In 1999 Luke moved to Ireland and 3 years later received tuition from prominant Wiccan Barbara Lee, which led him to become involved in the formation of Wexford Pagan Moot.

He joined a druid grove in 2003 and the following year joined OBOD. Luke became facilitator of the grove and ran it for 13 years. In 2006 he founded as a networking and information tool for the 32 counties of Ireland. For 6 years he facilitated a one day Pagan event - Éigse Spiorad Cheilteach (Gathering of Celtic Spirituality) which continues to grow under new facilitators, including Eimear Burke, the current OBOD Chosen Chief. He completed his OBOD training in 2011, and is also an Archdruid of Druid Clan of Dana since 2009. Luke is a regular contributor to several magazines and websites, writing on spirituality, environmentalism and social/political issues. He is currently Editor of Pagan Ireland magazine.

He has recorded 5 studio albums of psychedelic dance music, with the band Children Of Dub and has written 7 published books to date. He is a founding member of Extinction Rebellion Kerry and is coordinator for the county. He enjoys gardening and music in his spare time.

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