Amythyst Raine

Amythyst Raine

From the first spell 17-year-old Amythyst cast in the basement of her grandmother's house, to the first tarot deck that called her name, she knew that her direction in life and her spiritual path would be unique and unconventional.

Her life has gone through numerous transformations, from care-free South Dakota horse woman, to home-schooling mother of seven, to first-time published author at 50. She went on to write eight more books, one becoming a best seller, and has a tenth book in progress.

Amythyst was born in Los Angeles CA, raised in South Dakota, transplanted in mid-life to Nebraska to rear six of her children, and in her 60s she migrated to Arizona and set up house 40 miles from Phoenix. As her life has proven, the transformations never end but keep evolving, there's new experiences around every corner, and life is a fresh and unpredictable adventure at every stage.

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