Madness, Mystery and the Survival of God

Madness, Mystery and the Survival of God

Madness, Mystery and the Survival of God

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Nov 28, 2008

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Isabel Clarke
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Why does God survive, flourish even, in our secular age? This book recognizes that religion and science, two different ways of making sense of the world, are indeed irreconcilable. It does not seek to fit either one into the world view of the other. Instead it argues that we need to embrace this incompatibility, and recognize that this mystery stems from essential facts about the psychological make up of the human being. The book draws on two sources of data to advance its argument; the findings of cognitive science about the limitations and characteristics of the way in which our brains are wired up, and experience; experience documented by revered mystics of the past, and experience of people of our time who have ventured into the borderland between mysticism and madness. We need a more sophisticated understanding of spirituality to recognize how our yearning for the sacred can be abused and exploited, whether by dangerous fundamentalism or cynical capitalist advertising. We need a truer understanding of non ordinary states of experience to treat those labelled as psychotic with justice, and to appreciate the hold that drugs of abuse have in our addicted society. Absolutely first class! It came into the cant put it down category so I have read it cover to cover. Ian Mowll, coordinator of GreenSpirit, the network for creation spirituality I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It is groundbreaking territory, fascinating, good, topical and relevant. Janice Hartley, Secretary of The Spiritual Crisis Network Development Group Isabel Clarke is a clinical psychologist, working in the NHS with people with severe mental health problems. She has published on psychosis and spirituality in a professional context, and studied medieval history.

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