Mind Before Matter

Mind Before Matter

Mind Before Matter

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Oct 26, 2007

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Paul Devereux
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Ethics & moral philosophy, Philosophy & social aspects, Religion & science


Materialism is the dominant world view in the West today. But it is not the only one, and it does not work. It is even, ironically, being undermined by the science that gave rise to it. Containing the last unpublished writing of Pullitzer prize-winning author and scholar, John Mack, this anthology from key figures in the world of science and consciousness studies sketches the framework for a new model of reality- the one that may replace materialism. It is not only the model that may be more correct, but the one necessary for survival on this planet. "Mind Before Matter" represents the first concerted salvo in a debate that could affect the worldview held by the modern, dominant materialist culture. Contributors are John Mack, Trish Pfeiffer and Paul Devereux together with Amit Goswami, Larry Dossey, Ervin Laslo, Sevyed Hossein Nasr, Elisabet Sahtouris, Richard Tarnas and Hank Wesselman.

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