Peter Field

Peter Field

Peter Field is a registered psychotherapist, qualified counselor, and Board Certified hypnotherapist.

Known as ‘The Therapists’ Therapist’™, Peter's clients are drawn from all over the U.K., as well as from overseas. They are people from all walks of life—including psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, businessmen and women, and celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport.

As a young man, Peter found himself completely lost; homeless, alcoholic and drug addicted, sleeping in shop doorways and under bridges. Today he is considered a leader in his field, a respected hypno-psychotherapist, teacher, lecturer, and author who has helped countless others to find their own path.

Peter is a regular BBC contributor and writer on psychotherapy, hypnosis, and health. His expertise has been featured in The Times and other prestigious journals, and his articles are currently published internationally on more than 200 different websites.

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