Cathal O'Briain

Cathal O'Briain

Cathal O'Briain is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker. He writes for magazines such as 'Insight Magazine Australia', 'Alternate Perceptions Magazine USA', 'Mercury Magazine UK', 'Synergy Magazine Canada', 'Think Big Magazine Australia' and many more, including daily international blogs, articles and columns on matters concerning mental health.

Cathal regularly gives lectures and radio discussions, covering a wide range of issues within the alternative and complementary medicine fields. He believes that most symptoms can be relieved by working directly with the unconscious under the right professional guidance. He aims to help his analysands get better without holding out the promise of a cure.

"I tend to avoid giving advice, or recommending ways to live, for that is imposing and counter-productive. In therapy, my goal is to decipher the unconscious. They must know the truth, face the truth, and deal with it by making it conscious. Because repression requires a continuous expenditure of energy, my focus is on redirecting this mental energy towards newly desired goals."

Cathal makes no secret of the fact that his work to date would not have been achieved without first undertaking a thorough self-analysis. At thirty-eight years of age, his direction is guided by an understanding of his vocation; it is one that is based on life experience and contact with people.

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