Beverley Jones

Beverley Jones

Beverley Jones is the author of ‘Made it Thru the Rain’, a book that deals with what it is really like to suffer depression and come through it to live a positive energised life.

In this inspirational book of one woman’s journey through depression, the author leads you along her personal road to recovery and beyond. Beverley courageously demonstrates how an ordinary life can become extraordinary and how experience indeed can be the greatest gift.

Having come through depression and some major shifts in her life Beverly founded
Awaken in 2010. Awaken is an innovative company that wants to help you live your life to it's full potential. While Beverley has a diploma in life coaching, she states she is not a ‘Text Book’ coach, as this combined with a wealth of life experience and covering roles in the majority of departments in the business field enables her to support clients.

Beverley has trained with Sue Stone – author of ‘Love Life, Live Life’ (who played the role of Secret Millionaire in the recent Channel 4 Series) and is an accredited coach with the Sue Stone Federation.

Beverley coaches on a 1-1 or group basis, plus through workshops and seminars. Beverley also undertakes Speaker Slots where thorough inspirational and motivational talks she will enable people to understand how Positive Thinking and Visualisation would enable them to see how they can live the life the desire.

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