Boring Bible Series 2: Saints Alive

Boring Bible Series 2: Saints Alive

Boring Bible Series 2: Saints Alive

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Dec 4, 2003

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Andy Robb
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Whats the most boring thing you can think of? Okay, now multiply it by a zillion. Thats how boring a lot of people think the Bible is. The funny thing is, most people who think the Bibles mega mind-numbingly boring have never even read it! Crazy or what?! Imagine turning down a triple whopper chicken, cheese and yoghurt burger with gherkin and custard relish just because youd never tried it.... On second thoughts that wasnt such a good suggestion. But you get my point? I mean, Ill bet you didnt even know that the Bibles got adverts in it to tell people whats going to happen in the future or that it told people that the world was round thousands of years before wed worked it out. Theres so much stuff in the Bible we wont be able to look at every bit of it but the bits weve chosen will hopefully make you start to realise that the Bible maybe isnt quite so boring as you thought. Have fun!

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