Voices from Armageddon

Voices from Armageddon

Voices from Armageddon

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Feb 16, 2006

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The word Armageddon conjures up images of fear and ultimate cataclysm. The bloody 4,000-year history of the Valley of Armageddon, today known as the Jezreel Valley, reinforces those beliefs. There is, however, another much quieter reality very much alive in the valley. Despite the history, the prophecy, the current unrest and warfare - there are people from both sides of the conflict who understand that we are capable of respecting one another with dignity. Israeli doctors treat patients who are dedicated to their destruction. Palestinian Muslims help Jews. These people are living testimony to the spirit of forgiveness and to the power of acceptance. These voices may represent the real ultimate conflict of Armageddon - the battle between the forces of good and evil within ourselves.

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