I Ching Oracle, The

I Ching Oracle, The

A comprehensive and clearly written manual for consulting the I Ching oracle

I Ching Oracle, The

A comprehensive and clearly written manual for consulting the I Ching oracle

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Sep 24, 2021

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Sep 24, 2021

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Timothy and Johanna Dowdle
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Divination (general), I ching, Inspiration & personal growth


The I Ching Oracle – A guide through the human maze is designed to help the reader find a way through the complexities and challenges of everyday life.

Timothy and Johanna Dowdle show the reader how to consult the I Ching oracle and receive clear answers to important questions. They explain the methods used for consulting the oracle and how the oracle responds to the reader's questions. The authors also provide a series of examples from their own consultations to illustrate how the I Ching has guided them through many difficult situations. All of the descriptions of the I Ching hexagrams are based on the authors' lives. These autobiographical narratives can help and support everyone who is living through similar experiences.

For those who are familiar with the I Ching and have been consulting the oracle, this book offers new methods for interpreting hexagrams with multiple moving lines and static hexagrams. These methods have proven to give consistently clear and accurate answers to the authors' questions over many years of consultations.

Timothy and Johanna Dowdle are an Anglo-Dutch couple who have lived and worked in many different countries and are currently living in the Netherlands. Over the years the authors have studied and practised the art of divination, using divination as a tool for making important decisions. A red thread running through their lives together has been The I Ching or Book of Changes. Their aim is to share the knowledge and wisdom of the I Ching and make it accessible to everyone.

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