Ed (Eagle Man) McGaa

Ed (Eagle Man) McGaa

Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, is an American citizen, a Teton Oglala Lakota (Sioux) born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and a successful writer. He studied under Chief Eagle Feather and Chief Fool's Crow, influential Sioux holy men, honoured as a six-time Sun Dance ceremony participant and is now regarded as a world-leader in advocating indigenous wisdoms. As an author his best-selling books include Native Wisdom: Perceptions of the Natural Way and Mother Earth Spirituality: Healing Ourselves and Our World.

At one time he was a warrior, a combat warrior. As a Marine fighter pilot, he flew the F4 Phantom, during 110 combat missions in Vietnam. Of this time he admits, that facing life and death on an almost constant schedule, was certainly memorable. Being a warrior was in his blood since childhood when he was disappointed at not being old enough to serve like his hero brother who was on Tarawa and Saipan in the Marines against Japan. Ed went to Korea as a teenager, serving in the Marines. He was promoted to corporal rank which was far below on the military totem pole. He never dreamed that he would someday become a Marine pilot and hold the rank of Captain. Eventually he was promoted to Major but left the military attend law school where he obtained his law degree. Ed was once quoted about this change in career as saying, ‘I probably should have remained within the Marines, content and happy to be with fellow warriors. I would never have had to write all these books I have attempted and finished.’ Thankfully for his many readers and students around the world he stuck with the written word.


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