Principal Upanishads

Principal Upanishads

Principal Upanishads

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Dec 4, 2003

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Alan Jacobs
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Comparative religion, Spirituality


The Upanishads are amongst the greatest, perhaps the greatest, of all the books in the history of world religions. Their origins predate recorded history, being revealed to the Rishis of the Vedic civilization some 5000 to 10000 years ago. They form the kernel of the mystical, philosophical truths which are the basis of the Higher World religion of Hinduism, their cradle; Buddhism is a successor; Judaism, an offshoot, as are the civilizations of the Ancient World; Islam and Christianity are offshoots of Judaism. These beautiful literary works give the answer to the riddle of the universe-I am "That" I am. For 5000 years they have inspired the best men and women of all times, who by their understanding have lifted the intelligence of humanity to mitigate the burden of suffering inherent in the complex world of suffering and illusion. Much of the original text of the Upanishads is archaic, and occasionally corrupted, but it does convey a moral and ethical thrust that is abundantly clear. Alan Jacobs uses modern free verse to convey the essential meaning and poetry of the original text. He omits Sanskrit words as far as possible, and the commentary provided is contemporary rather than ancient.

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