Everything is a Blessing

Everything is a Blessing

Everything is a Blessing

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May 18, 2006

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Inspiration & personal growth, Spirituality


Everything is a Blessing is about becoming a better and happier person. But in contrast to many quick-fix self-help books it looks to the spiritual traditions of East and West, the path of "others" rather than the path of "self". Lasting personal growth is not achieved by solving problems for our own benefit, but following a more broadminded, spiritual and longer-term approach. Through following this we can turn hard times into good times. We can transform everyday problems and the more serious challenges of life, like illness, difficult relationships and money problems, into opportunities for inner growth. Confidence comes from kindness, purpose and strength from love, inner peace from contentment. It is only by developing these qualities in ourselves that we can help solve the problems of the world. Everything is a Blessing provides you with the skills to begin this special journey.

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