Enlightenment: the path through the jungle

Enlightenment: the path through the jungle

Enlightenment: the path through the jungle

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Aug 29, 2008

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Dennis Waite
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What is enlightenment? What is it not? This book exposes the myths and defines this misused term once and for all. Which teaching methods will get you there? And which will not? Dennis Waite explains how the traditional methods work and why the modern, Western approaches are most unlikely to. Offers necessary help to sincere seekers who wish to learn how to differentiate the diamond-like brilliance of authentic Advaita-Vedanta from the rhinestone approaches represented by popular neo-Advaita. Mariana Caplan, Ph.D., author of "Halfway Up the Mountain" and "Do You Need a Guru?" Dennis Waite's newest book is his most succinct and, I daresay, by far his most brilliant and cogent work. This is simply must-reading for any teachers or attendees of the imbalanced pseudo-satsang movement. Timothy Conway, author of Women of Power & Grace Dennis Waite triumphs yet again with the definitive exposition on the fundamental differences in contemporary non-dual teaching, principally between ‘traditional’ and ‘neo’ advaita. Paula Marvelly, author of The Teachers of One and Women of Wisdom If you teach, study or practice Advaita, Dennis Waite's latest book on how Advaita should be taught is essential reading.

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