Will Anderson

Will Anderson

Will’s formal entry into environmental nonprofit work was with his 1978 founding of Greenpeace Alaska. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed to the national board of directors of Greenpeace USA. Paralleling his work in the nonprofit sector, Will later founded Ecology House and Ecology House Franchises, a small chain of six retail stores in three states at its peak. Since then, and after initiating the founding of the first incarnation of the Maine Animal Coalition, he has had a long career in campaign management in both the environmental and animal welfare sectors for a number of additional organizations. He is currently engaged in Green Vegans / The New Human Ecology (https://www.greenvegans.org/) an organization he founded in 2009.

Will hopes his advocacy for wild and captive wildlife, ecosystems, and animal welfare and rightshad made a difference. He lobbied for and won a preemptive ban on greyhound racing in Washington State and successfully petitioned for state protection of southern resident orca whales. He has experience in a wide variety of subject matter that includes Steller sea lions, offshore oil and gas impacts in Alaska, the Alaska aerial wolf hunt, the Omak Suicide Race (horses), Pribilof fur seals, livestock auctions, the moral and ecological unsustainability of animal agriculture, the squid driftnet fishery, mountain goat hunting in the Olympic National Park, tribal subsistence and take issues, industrial impacts on Mexican gray whale calving lagoons, California sea lions, the environmental impacts of industrial food production, and human ecology. He has attended International Whaling Comission meetings as an advocate for cetaceans, and gray whales in particular..

Aside from trying not to eat too much vegan chocolate, Will hopes to avoid being sunk in his kayak by a gray whale—again. Will describes how lucky he has been to travel to remote places in the lands of indigenious peoples for most of his life. These experiences affected his perspective and empathy profoundly. He connects to what he felt during those times when he advocates for change.

He holds a B.S. in Management and Communication. He resides in Seattle and continues to focus his interests on the larger questions of human ecology. See https://www.greenvegans.org/

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