John Cowsill

John Cowsill

After a 20 year career as a systems analyst and programmer in the telecommunications and banking sectors, John changed tack and gained an MSc in Architecture: Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies at the University of East London and the Graduate School of the Environment in Wales. He was the principal researcher on storage and Vehicle-to-Grid technology for the ZeroCarbonBritain (2007) report. His MSc thesis, which examined how electric transport could provide energy storage for the UK Energy infrastructure was cited in ‘One Million Climate Jobs Now!’, a pamphlet produced by the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group (2009).

John has a degree in politics and history and is continuing his long term project of researching a historical novel set in the years immediately following the First World War when the whole of Europe was on the brink of revolution.

John Cowsill is a socialist and environmental activist. He lives in Islington, London.

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