Message, The

Message, The

Message, The

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May 30, 2008

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Deborah Leigh
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Divination (general), Reference


From her grandmother Deborah Leigh learned how to prophesy using ordinary playing cards. Over the years she has developed The Message into a remarkable tool for developing intuitive perception. In The Message, Deborah Leigh teaches a safe technique to guide you through Life’s adventure. Akin to turning on the headlights in your car at night, The Message can help remove the fear of driving through dark patches of Life and give you the confidence to enjoy what is, in reality, a fantastic road trip. Cayce Snider, Executive Leadership/Performance Coach, New York A practical, step-by-step guide to interpreting potential for the future through the use of playing cards, The Message is also Leigh’s call to the reader to purposefully and actively create an authentic, joy-filled life. M. Sharma, Attorney, Miami, Florida Deborah spent 13 years as a newspaper columnist and intuitive advisor. She currently teaches her course in intuitive card reading on various websites and via email.

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