Saturn, Fatal Attraction

Saturn, Fatal Attraction

Saturn, Fatal Attraction

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Mar 30, 2007

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Astrology (general), Reference


The planet Saturn brings astrologers most of their clients. The astrological ruler of fate and time, the decider of the difference between good and bad times in life, when we are heading for trouble and when that trouble will end. To identify our biggest current life problem, all we have to do is locate Saturns present position in our charts. In perfectly predictable ways, Saturn identifies stress points in life, including seven year-cycles, culminating with the fabled Saturn Return at the critical age of 29. Knowing when and where these points occur make Saturn the one planet above all that it pays to know about. The most comprehensive book on Saturn for many years, it describes exactly why Saturn is important to you, and what you can do about it. Written in a down to earth style, spiced with philosophy and humour, it will appeal to astrologers of all levels.

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