Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours

Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours

Now anyone who wishes to can learn the secrets of Palmistry in this no-nonsense guide.

Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours

Now anyone who wishes to can learn the secrets of Palmistry in this no-nonsense guide.

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Aug 24, 2007

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Johnny Fincham
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Ever wanted to learn palmistry but been confused by the mumbo-jumbo?

This no-nonsense book is for everyone and approaches palmistry in a revolutionary way. It draws on the latest scientific research into individual fingerprint patterns, and is illustrated with images of actual hands, including those of Einstein, ex-UK prime minister Tony Blair and the hands of various celebrities.

Our hands reflect our character, emotions and potential.After only 24 hours of study, this book will enable you to see into the deepest realms of the human condition.

Extract from Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 hours

"Squeeze me, please me!
Here we’ll examine the consistency of the flesh at the base
of the palm near the thumb. From this we can find out a huge
amount about a person’s basic energy and physical resources.

Squeezing the thumb ball
Take the hand of the person you’re reading for in your own. Press
your thumb into the flesh around their thumb ball while gripping
the back of the palm with your fingers.
Beneath the semi-circular fleshy padding around the thumb’s
base is the hand’s major artery which splits here into various
smaller blood vessels. The protective padding here - its size,
warmth and firmness - is a good indicator of a person’s general
muscle development, blood circulation, zest for life and physical

Full but flabby
If the flesh forms a full and high mound, but it’s flabby, so the
pad is easily crushed, there’s acute sensuality but poor muscular
development. This is particularly true if the palm skin is also moist.
People with such qualities are pleasure-seekers who love food,
drink and the pleasures of the flesh. They can find it difficult to diet
and are inclined to make hard work of exercise. The key here is
to encourage them to find a form of exercise they enjoy, i.e.
swimming or dancing.

Full and firm
If the flesh here is full, firm, warm and springy, it shows a
passionate, lusty vitality, abundant energy and human warmth.

Firm, full and hard
When the pad is full but rock hard (almost as if made
of wood) the person has enormous physical toughness. They’re
extremely hardy, emotively repressive and rather rigid
psychologically. Good advice to give is for them to have regular
massage treatments. This will release tight muscles physically and
open them out emotionally.

Flat and cold
If the fleshy pad is flat and cold, there is a consequent lassitude,
emotional coolness and lack of vital energy, but often a stubborn
Such people should be advised to do aerobic exercise, which
will increase circulation and lift energy levels.

The unremarkable average
If the pad is half-raised and fairly firm, this is a general average.
Maintaining our golden rule of ignoring anything average, we’ll
dismiss this sign of a fair but unremarkable quality of vital energy.

Secret palmist assignment
While you’re learning palmistry, try to keep it a secret from the
world at large until you’ve gained plenty of experience. Once
people know you’re a palmist, you may get trampled in the rush as
everyone thrusts their palm in your face! This can be intimidating;
you need to gain confidence quietly while remaining incognito.
Use only trusted friends and relatives as your initial ‘guinea pigs’.
Get into the habit of being a secret palm-watcher. Examine
people’s hands from a distance - see if you can see a relationship
between the length of the fingers and the length of someone’s
limbs. Look at the size of the thumb ball on people’s hands. If you
shake someone’s hand, try to feel this area. Observe how those
with full, firm thumb balls are vital, energetic people and those
with a flat mount the reverse"

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