Christy's Journey

Christy's Journey

Christy's Journey

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Mar 28, 2008

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Peter Watson Jenkins
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Finding out about our childhood in hypnosis is interesting, but discovering that we can access our past lives can be mind-boggling. Are the impressions we get of the past—our past—real or just a mental trick, metaphor, or hallucination? If only our doubts were easily dispelled, but they are not. Millions now claim to have accessed their past lives, and the life of their soul between lives on Earth. In this authentic transcription of a series of past-life regression sessions we see a young woman engage in a series of quite dissimilar lives, male and female, and all variously challenging. Peter Watson Jenkins does not force his conclusions about his client’s experience on to us. Rather he looks at possible interpretations we can make, including a modern view of reincarnation. Ordained in both the Congregational and Unitarian churches, Peter Watson Jenkins has also worked in finance, teaching and as a hypnotherapist. He has also written two books Escape to Danger(2001) and Training for the Marathon of Life(2005). Born in the UK he now lives in Chicago.

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