Bias Was a Genius

Bias Was a Genius

A practical handbook for sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion change.

Bias Was a Genius

A practical handbook for sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion change.

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May 31, 2024

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May 31, 2024

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Tim Hardy-Lenik
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So you get the Why? of diversity, equity and inclusion - you have even started to do the How? - but change isn’t sticking, and your business is a fair-weather supporter of the work. Bias Was a Genius is a handbook for building sustainable, commercially relevant DEI theory to incorporate into your own DEI strategy and, as practitioners, to make change through self-reflection.

Divided into three sections, Bias Was a Genius represents the three key Greek Delphic tenets written by Bias of Priene: Know Thyself, Certainty Brings Trouble, and Nothing to Excess.

Section one, Know Thyself, explores the reasons, motivations and challenges to diversity, equity and inclusion, and tells part of the author's own story.
Section two, Certainty Brings Trouble, explores the DEI theory and strategy alignment, encompassing elements from business-skill maturity and tokenism to how profit and ethics can align effectively.
Section three, Nothing to Excess, explores rebalancing those DEI programmes and strategy-delivery mechanisms that aren't as impactful as they could be, and aims to make sustainable business practices the norm.

Written by an industry leader translating academic research and understanding into a conversational style guide, peppered with their own experiences and bits of humour, Bias Was a Genius is a call to action toward impactful change in the profession.

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