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Your Reiki Treatment

Your Reiki Treatment

Your Reiki Treatment

Paperback £9.99 || $19.95

Mar 30, 2007

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Energy (qigong, reiki, polarity), Reference


Finally, a book that looks at Reiki from the client's perspective. Whether you are searching for relaxation, healing, or spiritual growth, a Reiki treatment can be a revelation. Find out how to make the most of your Reiki experience. Learn how to prepare for your treatment, what to expect during the session, and how to continue furthering your personal growth after the treatment is finished.

Divided into three parts: Pre-Treatment, The Treatment, and Post-Treatment, each part contains approximately 25 chapters that span two pages each. This consistent format ensures that by flicking through the book there is easy access to the chapter of your choice. Chapters also include an information box with either a case study, Reiki research, experiment, or hint for the client.

Your Reiki Treatment is an excellent guide to everything about Reiki treatments for both clients and professional practitioners. Included are explanatory case studies, tips and research in an "easy to find" format.

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