Steve Robert Gooch

Steve Robert Gooch

Steve Gooch was born in March 1962 in Rugby, Warwickshire in England and grew up there with his two brothers and sister.

He moved to Corsham in Wiltshire and attended Bath Academy of Art, where he studied sculpture and printmaking, before going on to work on projects for the internationally known artists Joe Tilson and Nick Pope. He also worked on the publication of a limited-edition folio of Paul Eluard’s poetry.

Steve moved to London to study for a postgraduate teaching certificate at Goldsmith’s College and then worked as a teacher of art in various schools in the UK. He gained his MA in Education with the Open University and also studied the discipline of Reiki with his Reiki teachers in Newcastle upon Tyne. His daughter Marianne was born in 1994.

For a period of time, Steve devoted himself to teaching Reiki in his hometown of Rugby, before moving to Egypt, where he resumed his career as an art teacher, becoming the Head of Art in a prestigious British International School in Cairo. He continued to teach Reiki, introducing the discipline for the first time to Egypt. He also wrote extensively on the subject for various Egyptian English-language magazines.

Returning to the UK, Steve’s son Sam was born in 2004. Soon after he wrote his first book ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom’. It was the world’s first book on that particular tradition of Reiki and is still considered to be the standard reference work on the subject.

Steve moved back to Egypt in 20011 and was once more involved in the Reiki community there, teaching Reiki and meditation full time. During this period, he founded the national organisation ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’ and became the editor of ‘Focus: The Journal of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’, and then set up the global online Reiki community: ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do International’. He also set up the video arts project ‘12seconds for Peace‘. The concept grabbed the attention of a number of big names in the peace movement, including Nobel Peace Prize nominees, and threatened to go viral. Circumstances (revolutions and social unrest) put it on the backburner.

He is currently living in the UK and Cairo, writing and teaching Reiki and meditation. He writes occasionally for a variety of English language publications in Egypt and is starting work on a third book.

He’d also like to find time to paint and make sculpture.

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