Marriage of Jesus

Marriage of Jesus

Marriage of Jesus

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Sep 28, 2007

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Jesus, the gospels & acts, Mysticism


The conspiracy theories - The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood and the Holy Grail claim that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. The Church says he was a celibate all his life. So who is right? In this knowledgeable and accessible book, Bible metaphysician, theologian and author, Maggy Whitehouse, puts forward a ground-breaking new theory - that just like any other Jew of the times, Jesus married at the age of 14. So what happened to Jesus wife, this most forgotten of women? The author examines the legends, social and economic laws on marriage of the time and the origins of the legends of Jesus celibacy and his marriage to Mary Magdalene. Maggy Whitehouse is a journalist working in print, radio and television. She wrote her first book China By Rail in 1987 after spending six summers travelling around China. Her husbands death then inspired her to start investigating alternatives to her armchair Christianity. Maggy is a qualified teacher of healing and has studied the Toledano Tradition of Kabbalah for twelve years. She has also written three Kabbalistic novels.

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