Dream Searchers Book 2

Dream Searchers Book 2

Dream Searchers Book 2

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Oct 30, 2009

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Andrey Reutov
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Dreams, Mysticism, Visionary & metaphysical


Dream Searchers Book 2 is a second part of the two-volume novel by Andrey Reutov telling about the activities of Dream Searchers. The readers will know more about his thrilling adventures after he became involved in their investigations and also the essence of the Groups unprecedented discoveries. “Dream Searchers” is the first two-volume work of the series by the same name originally published in Russia. It is fiction based on real facts in history of the mystical esoteric group, known as Dream Searchers and acquaints the reader with their exciting story and the sensational investigations in the field of dream, teleportation and controlling reality. The books in the Series give the readers information how to investigate the World through a magic dream portal. The material in the Dream Searchers novels is an interesting combination of the Western and Eastern (Russian) traditions, and has an exciting modern-day Russia flavour.

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