Mindful Medium, The

Mindful Medium, The

Awaken, Connect and Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts

Mindful Medium, The

Awaken, Connect and Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts

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Mar 29, 2024

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Mar 29, 2024

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Alison Grey
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Healing (general), Spiritualism, Spirituality


Everyone has a unique journey, a life purpose, and an inner light which guides them. You simply need to listen.

The Mindful Medium is an inspiring, practical guide for awakening. Inside these pages, Alison Grey applies her knowledge and understanding of the spirit world to help you understand yourself better, to change to a more positive mind-set, and to develop your own healing and intuitive gifts with easy, practical step-by-step exercises and visualisations.

Detailing the initial signs she received from guides, angels, and her loved ones, Alison acknowledges how these first steps of her own journey led her to where she is today - a successful psychic medium, healer, spiritual teacher and counselor. Her teaching weaves a fascinating and accessible alternative way of thinking, encouraging mediums to deepen their own intuitive and psychic skills while helping them to find answers to life’s important questions.

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