Color, Facture, Art and Design

Color, Facture, Art and Design

How is technique political?

Color, Facture, Art and Design

How is technique political?

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Oct 26, 2012

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Oct 26, 2012

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Iona Singh
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Aesthetics, Criticism & theory, European


With its appeal to the most subterranean aspects of perception art was always destined to be one of the last bastions of the transcendental in the 21st century.

Color, Facture, Art and Design investigates the "beauty" of art based on the somatic "magic" of the physical body and its relationship to nature, arguing that the sensual affect of expert artistic combinations of art materials: pigments and resins, in some paintings exploits a bridge between the intricacies of human sentience and the external world.

Art is thus more accurately located next to the sciences of language, mathematics, physiology and psychoanalysis. As the "pure mathematics" of the discipline, this materialist definition of fine-art develops guidelines for architecture, design, cultural-studies and ultimately social change.

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