Torn Clouds

Torn Clouds

Torn Clouds

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Feb 3, 2005

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Judy Hall
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Afterlife & reincarnation, Visionary & metaphysical


Drawing on thirty years experience as a regression therapist and her own memories and experiences in Egypt, ancient and modern, Torn Clouds is a remarkable first novel by an internationally-acclaimed MBS author, one of Britains leading experts on reincarnation. It features time-traveller Megan McKennar, whose past life memories thrust themselves into the present day as she traces a love affair that transcends time. Haunted by her dreams, she is driven by forces she cannot understand to take a trip to Egypt in a quest to understand the cause of her unhappy current life circumstances. Once there, swooning into a previous existence in Pharaonic Egypt, she lives again as Meckanar, priestess of the Goddess Sekhmet, the fearful lion headed deity who was simultaneously the Goddess of Terror, Magic and Healing. Caught up in the dark historical secrets of Egypt, Megan is forced to fight for her soul. She succeeds in breaking the curse that had been cast upon her in two incarnations.

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