white house, the

white house, the

white house, the

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Oct 31, 2008

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Healing (general), Religion, politics & state


Stunning. An extraordinary account of engagement with intractable and murderous hostilities, of the energy generated by hope. A thrilling narrative of those who learn to overcome the injuries done to them and those embittered beyond grief.
Jeremy Seabrook, Guardian & BBC Journalist

the white house tells the story of the possibilities of reconciliation in a universal culture saturated with images of war. It shows how it is possible, against all the odds, to bring together former enemies – survivors of a killing camp, and representatives of those who ordered and perpetrated the atrocities and killing. The book is a narrative which shows how it is possible to dismantle nationalism. It starts with something ghastly and ends with a handshake. Over a thousand men and boys, mostly Muslim, were murdered and many more tortured in the killing camp in the Serb administered iron-ore mine of Omarska between May and August 1992 during the Bosnia War. Ten years after the war ended Mittal Steel bought the mine. Survivors and relatives of the victims demanded a memorial. The Serb administrators refused. The Soul of Europe was called in to mediate between Muslims and Serbs. the white house tells the story of this process, talking to victims and perpetrators and achieving the first steps towards acknowledgement of crimes committed and agreement to cooperate on a memorial which is still to be built.

Peter Pelz and Donald Reeves founded the Soul of Europe, which works for reconciliation in the Balkans. Peter Pelz is an artist, writer and translator. Donald Reeves MBE is a former Rector of St James’s Piccadilly, London.

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