Thoughtful Guide to Religion, The

Thoughtful Guide to Religion, The

Thoughtful Guide to Religion, The

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Nov 24, 2006

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This is a comprehensive and sympathetic approach to all religions of the world, including the lesser-known ones, sects, cults and ideologies. Far more than a descriptive listing, it meets the urgent need for understanding them today on an individual, social and global basis. Broader than "comparative religion", it uses philosophy, psychology, anthropology and other disciplines to answer the questions "How does religion arise? How is it sustained? Why does it unite some people, and ostracise others?"

This combines in one volume the most important aspects of all religious beliefs. Beginning with the nature of myth and its functions, ritual, initiation and magic, and ending with the mystical and elegant approach of a number of modern physicists, it provides a holistic approach for anyone interested in religious or philosophical ideas, and is essential reading for all serious students of the subject.

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