Beyond Our Self-Image

Beyond Our Self-Image

Worldly satisfaction obscures true happiness.

Beyond Our Self-Image

Worldly satisfaction obscures true happiness.

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Apr 26, 2024

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Apr 26, 2024

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N.T. Hettigei
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Body, mind & spirit, Inspiration & personal growth, Spiritual


Addressing a dilemma that spiritual seekers and others face in their pursuit of happiness, Beyond Our Self-Image presents a unique and simple approach to experiencing true happiness - free from confusing thoughts and wavering satisfaction.

You may be an experienced meditator facing difficulty receiving the full benefits of your meditation, stuck at one level of absorption, or you may be on the brink of transcendence. The practices in this book resolve those obstacles and help you experience your true self. 

While its purpose is primarily to enhance your first-hand experiences of well-being through practices in this book, Beyond Our Self-Image also attempts to heal a world divided by petty differences and wakes its readers up to a wiser civilization, resulting in widespread peace in this world.

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