Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman is both an Ecstatic Poet Performer and published poet. His CD, Wild Joy Released:The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman, includes his own Spoken Word renditions of his Ecstatic Poetry and the musical accompaniment of Tom Jacobs.

Both the CD and the companion book, Wild Joy:Ruminations, have received critical acclaim. Vern Barnet, Faith and Beliefs columnist for The Kansas City Star, in writing about Wild Joy:Ruminations, said in part, "The wild, holy energy within this book can burst forth only from a man who has lost himself in love, such as Rumi and other seers, whose poetry this volume now joins."

Paul Goldman is the former host of the Gratitude Open Mic Night at Stone Spirit Lodge in Kansas City, Missouri as a venue to promote all artists and performers.

His website, features his Ecstatic Poetry Blog. Paul Goldman has a fan base of over 34,400t his Facebook Page, Wild Joy:The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman.

Paul is now in the process of releasing his next collection, Upon Your Canvas, comprising fifty new ecstatic poems and eight visionary intuitive paintings by artist Natosha Keefer. He will be launching a National Book Tour in 2015.
Most recently, Paul Goldman was selected to be a contributor to James Van Praagh;s blog site, The Daily Awakening.

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