Jenny Fenwick

Jenny Fenwick

Jenny Light is a teacher of meditation and yoga on Insight Timer, spiritual healer and inspirational speaker and artist.

Jenny had a kundalini awakening as a small child and had a passion for yoga from the age of nine. She taught herself to meditate at 14 and has been teaching yoga for 20 years. In her asana classes and workshops, she teaches a meld of the energy awareness of Dru Yoga and the precise skeletal alignment of Scaravelli Yoga with subtle practices born of her deep spiritual insight. Jenny is a Yoga Elder of Independent Yoga Network and a student of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Her latest book, 'Awakening the Lotus of Peace: yoga meditations for Inner Peace' is a beautifully illustrated yoga book of how to go deeper in meditation to find lasting peace with practical exercises, pranayama and meditations for inner calmness in your life.
'Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita', (2019) is a spiritual workbook of entrainment to the higher spiritual qualities such as peace, ahimsa (non-harming), self-discipline & compassion, using yoga practices of pranayama, mantra, mudra and meditation. Jenny debunks the differences of mindfulness, relaxation and meditation.

Chronic fatigue Syndrome in 2010 was a blessing in disguise for Jenny who utilised the condition to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally facing the physical challenge until she regained full health. Her book 'Living Lightly: A journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)' charts her own journey to health and all the spiritual treasures that it had in store for her. Jenny fervently believes that whatever condition you find yourself facing, that by taking the inward approach, we can only grow from it.

Jenny is a mother of two, has six grandchildren and lives in Ayrshire, Scotland. Her paintings are a direct result of overcoming CFS, with strong portraiture and landscapes of Scotland, she has many exhibitions in Scotland as part of Open Studios Ayrshire.

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