Mandala - The Art of Creating Future

Mandala - The Art of Creating Future

Mandala - The Art of Creating Future

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May 29, 2009

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June-Elleni Laine
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Art (general), Personal growth (general), Spirituality


In a time when ego is wreaking havoc across the planet it is vital that people return to the idea of co-creation. This book is not only for spiritual seekers, but for all those who care enough to help make a difference. It speaks to all people about an ability that we all share but many have forgotten. It offers an answer to the question why doesnt the secret of manifestation work for me? It will help you to understand your flow and help you take control of your thoughts so that you can allow energy to free flow from divinity, rather than become stuck by trying to make it flow from the ego. It will guide you to create powerful Mandalas, even if you can’t draw. We wouldnt dream of building a house without first using art to draw out the plans. In the same way, art in the form of a Mandala can be used to draw out our intentions and bring them to life! June-Elleni Laine is a Shamanic/Tantric Psychic Artist, author, course leader, workshop and retreat leader and host of radio chat show - often seen in the media.

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