Hidden Oracle of India, The

Hidden Oracle of India, The

Hidden Oracle of India, The

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Jan 25, 2008

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Andrew and Angela Donovan
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How does it feel to find out that your future and your soul’s true mission have been documented in detail on an ancient leaf? Angela Donovan found it a deeply uplifting experience, but for her husband Andrew it was a life-changing moment that left him reeling, his lifelong skepticism challenged and destroyed.

In India for a wedding the Donovans stumbled across the Naadi palm-leaf readers and they made the shocking discovery that our lives have been determined and mapped out centuries before.

This book covers the authors’ revelatory journey to the Naadis, who pass down predictions recorded in Sanskrit on palm leaves millennia ago. It tells spiritually minded and the skeptical readers alike how to find the Naadis for themselves and gives an inspiring look into one of the greatest mystical secrets of India – the hidden oracle.

Angela Donovan has been a spiritual mentor and medium for 15 years, and paranormal advisor for several television series including Jane Goldman Investigates. She is author of The Secrets of Psychic Success. Her clients include the royal and famous.

Andrew Donovan had his own architectural practice in London until 2003. Since then he has written books, screenplays and television documentaries.

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