David John Torkington

David John Torkington

David Torkington is a Spiritual Theologian, Author and Speaker, who specializes in Prayer, Christian Spirituality and Mystical Theology.
He lives in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire in the south of England.

For the past fifty years he has been communicating to his audience his profound love of the traditional and authentic Mystical and Biblical Theology that has inspired all his writings on prayer. He has done this through his ability to give inspiring lectures and retreats to religious and lay, both in England and Ireland and worldwide in Africa, and in the heart of Christendom, in Rome. More recently he has concentrated on writing, blogging, podcasting and broadcasting to his audience which includes both Catholic and Protestant Christians who are all inspired by his ability to express profound truths simply and truthfully.

In the past he was asked to lecture on Mystical Theology at the Angelicum in Rome as the only speaker who had practical knowledge and experience in Mystical Theology. In his twelve-year tenure as Director of a London Retreat and Conference Centre he gained direct experience of the decline in the moral and spiritual life of the Church. He is the only author who directly confronts this problem, gives reasons and solutions and offers hope to those wishing to return to the Christ-centred spiritualty bequeathed to Christians by Jesus Christ himself.

He has received many accolades and endorsements through his writings and his retreats and as an active member of the most distinguished intellectual club in London, The Athenaeum, Pall Mall, participates in book launches, lectures and the outreach and convivial life of the club.

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