Transhuman Citizen

Transhuman Citizen

How Far Would You Go to Stay Alive?

Transhuman Citizen

How Far Would You Go to Stay Alive?

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Jun 28, 2024

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Jun 28, 2024

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Ben Murnane
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American government (general), Biotechnology, Robotics


This is the story of America’s zaniest presidential candidate - who wants to turn the whole population into cyborgs.

It's a true story… stranger than fiction.

“Don’t stand there!”

Zoltan almost stepped on a landmine. He was in Vietnam, reporting for National Geographic.

If his guide hadn’t warned him--he’d be dead.

Zoltan didn’t want to die. Who does?

But Zoltan realized something else just then. He didn’t want to die ever… In fact, he didn’t want anyone to die ever again.

It’s an idea he’s been pushing now for years. He’s a leader in the “transhumanism” movement, which wants to merge humans with machines.

Zoltan drove a bus shaped like a coffin across the US, to teach people about the new frontiers of science that mean death is not inevitable. 

His presidential campaigns have attracted global attention...

Imagine there were no diseases, because science had cured them all. Imagine storing your mind in a computer…  Living longer than you ever expected--for hundreds of years.

This is the extraordinary story of Zoltan’s war on death.

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