Jacket Technique, The

Jacket Technique, The

Find a life that truly fits.  

Jacket Technique, The

Find a life that truly fits.  

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Sep 28, 2012

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Sep 28, 2012

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Hans de Waard
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The Jacket Technique is a professional holistic healing modality developed by Hans de Waard in 2002. Its technique allows us to remove and transform an enormous amount of unwanted blocks, such as patterns, fears, insecurities, and convictions out of our physical and energetic bodies in one session. Within the Jacket Technique our blocks are defined as jackets. For example, a fear jacket or cord jacket. When you wear too many jackets, you’re no longer able to see who you really are, what fits you and what nourishes you in life. This book give you a wealth of knowledge and information about the jackets you wear and offers you original and helpful exercises allowing you to take off a great number of jackets yourself.

This effective technique can help you if you are suffering from traumas, low energy, or feelings of being stuck in work or relationships. This Technique helps you if you find yourself swimming against your natural and creative flow in life. This technique is for you if YOU want to let go of your blocks quickly, effectively, and have the desire to experience a life that truly fits you.

Already a great many people all over the world have experienced the positive effects of the Jacket Technique.

Click on the link at www.jackettechnique.com to access a free online Jacket Technique session with the Login code from the book. Also on page 150 in this book you can find the login code to access the complete online Jacket Technique session at no cost.

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