Patient in Room Nine Says He's God, The

Patient in Room Nine Says He's God, The

The Patient in Room Nine Says He's God is a roller coaster ride of joy, controversy, triumph and tragedy; often on the same page.

Patient in Room Nine Says He's God, The

The Patient in Room Nine Says He's God is a roller coaster ride of joy, controversy, triumph and tragedy; often on the same page.

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Sep 24, 2010

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Jun 1, 2012

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Louis Profeta
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Emergency medicine, Ethics & morals, Prayer & spiritual


A young Jewish doctor prays to a coma patients Blessed Mother on Christmas Eve, only to have the woman suddenly awakened; there is the voice that tells a too-busy ER doctor to stop a patient walking out, discovering an embolus that would have killed him. The late-night passing of a beloved aunt summons a childhood bully who shows up minutes later, after twenty-five years, to be forgiven and to heal a broken doctor. This ER doctor finds Gods opposite in: a battered childs bruises covered over by make-up, a dying patient whose son finally shows up at the end to reclaim the mans high-top sneakers, the rich or celebrity patients loaded with prescription drugs from doctor friends who end up addicted. But, his real outrage is directed at our cavalier treatment of the elderly, If you put a G-tube in your 80-year-old mother with Alzheimers because shes no longer eating, you will probably have a fast track to hell. The Patient in Room Nine Says He is God is a search for a conscience in medicine, whose doctors keep their faith and their feelings hidden.

Lifetime sales of 7,000, with 4,000 in past year.

Louis Profeta's articles on Linked In have gone viral. He has written on end of life care, ebola, cell phones and encouraging kids in sport. This latest one in January 2016 kicked off over one million views and 1500 comments.

"I know you love me now let me die"....In the old days, she would be propped up on a comfy pillow, in fresh cleaned sheets under the corner window where she would in days gone past watch her children play. Soup would boil on the stove just in case she felt like a sip or two. Perhaps the radio softly played Al Jolson or Glenn Miller, flowers sat on the nightstand, and family quietly came and went. These were her last days. Spent with familiar sounds, in a familiar room, with familiar smells that gave her a final chance to summon memories that will help carry her away. She might have offered a hint of a smile or a soft squeeze of the hand but it was all right if she didn’t. She lost her own words to tell us that it’s OK to just let her die, but she trusted us to be her voice and we took that trust to heart.

You see, that’s how she used to die. We saw our elderly different then. Read more...

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