Angels of the First Heaven, The

Angels of the First Heaven, The

Angels of the First Heaven, The

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Apr 27, 2007

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Carolyn Ethel Bowyer
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Contact the powerful archangels, one step up from the guardian angels. Discover the energies of Gabriel, Zadkiel, Uriel, Chamuel, Michael, Raphael and how they can help in your life. Based on personal experience of the archangels after the angel Raphael appeared to her, Carolyn explains the colour rays they work with, the essential oils to use and songs to sing, and gives a specific picture of each angel for you to focus on. She includes a channelled message from each. Angels of the First Heaven is easy to read. Carolyn offers her "ordinariness". She is down to earth, and writes with full openness to the reader. Direct and honest, it tells you exactly what to do to experience what she has benefited from over the last 20 years.

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