Angels In Our Time

Angels In Our Time

Angels In Our Time

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Oct 24, 2006

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In 1990 Ishvara DAngelo was a leading figure in aromatherapy and a practising Buddhist when she had a powerful experience of an angel. She changed the direction of her life, her name (from Patricia Davis), left aromatherapy, and began painting angels. This book goes far beyond the fuzzy feel-good messages in many others. You will find suggestions about meditation, visualisation and prayer, ways of communicating with Angels and identifying your personal Guardian. But you will also find ideas about the way the Angels ask you conduct your life from day to day, ranging from conflict resolution, relationships and healing to your choice of career and practical suggestions about how to go about that. Topics such as the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, which bank we choose to trust with our savings are all part of the life of Spirit that the Angels ask us to live.

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