Bridge Jumping

Bridge Jumping

Life is a leap of faith, a jump from a bridge railing.

Bridge Jumping

Life is a leap of faith, a jump from a bridge railing.

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Oct 27, 2023

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Oct 27, 2023

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Kathleen Ready Dayan
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Contemporary women, New thought, Religious


This is a journal of empowerment. The book of my rebirth.

Paige Delaney -- misfit, rebel, heretic -- dies at the age of forty, leaving a cast of characters to deal with her cremation ashes, some willingly and others begrudgingly. 

The ashes have been divided into twelve vials. Her family and friends -- each with a different spiritual viewpoint -- venture forth from the funeral with the ashes in hand. Through their eyes, as they scatter them, we get to know Paige, and through her own journal entries, we learn about their relationships from her perspective. Their unique beliefs influence their opinions about her and where the ashes should be released. 

Whether we are devoted religious practitioners, new agers or atheists, our belief systems influence us all. At a time when religious clashes impact all our lives, how do we find common ground? Are there as many paths to the Creator as there are people on this planet?

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