David I. Aboulafia

David I. Aboulafia

DAVID I. ABOULAFIA is an attorney with a practice in the heart of New York City. He spends the wee hours of the morning writing books that terrify and amuse. His days are spent in the courts and among the skyscrapers, and his evenings with the trees, the stars, his wife and his dog in a suburb north of the City.

VISIONS THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY (Cosmic Egg Books, January 2016) was the first novel I completed. It was the result of a ten-year effort and was my attempt to create something completely different in the genre of psychological suspense.

It is dark and complex and there is nothing formulaic about. In all honesty, it should carry a warning label. The novel starts slowly, lulling you with back story and then grabs you by the throat. At times, the story line may seem to be just a background for the real tale: the horror in the mind of the main character.

It was my wish that some of this would scare just about anyone and that I might write words capable of bringing the hardest hearts to tears. I hope you find that some of it is beautifully written. I believe in the power of ideas and of words and I will try to make them beautiful when I can. Maybe this is because I also believe that their power to reach us lies in their beauty.

SNAPSHOTS FROM MY UNEVENTFUL LIFE (July, 2015) is a completely contrary book; a collection of hilarious and uplifting essays in a memoir format that Readers' Favorite Book Reviews called, "...an inspiration and a joy to read!"

"Snapshots" contains no violence, no politics, no religion, no sex, no controversy and no four-letter words. It can't offend anyone. How it will garner anyone's interest I fail to see. It will be released as a second edition in 2016 by Roundfire Fiction.

MORE SNAPSHOTS? FROM MY UNEVENTFUL LIFE, the sequel to "Snapshots," is also intended to be released this year by Roundfire. It's funnier, it's crazier, and it says all kinds of disturbing things about my personality and my family.

AGAIN, DARK VISIONS is the sequel to "Visions Through a Glass, Darkly" and should be completed by year-end. I think it contains one of the most shocking and disturbing endings you will ever read in a book. You'll tell me if I'm right.

In 2017 you will see my first straight mystery, TEXT MESSAGE. Three people in three cities are stalked by a killer who telegraphs his intentions with the same five-word text message. They are all linked by a dream they share and a terrifying event they experienced years ago.

This book is unusual as it introduces the character of Harrison Apar, a real-life "little person" who lived in my town and died there at the age of fifteen some time ago. His remarkable story and true-to-life personality are both incorporated into this novel with the permission and assistance of his father.

HEARTBREAK HOTEL is planned for 2018. Here, I return to psychological suspense with a healthy dose of the supernatural. Based on the Hotel Albert and the Chelsea Hotel in New York, and incorporating real people and actual events, "Heartbreak" traces the strange doings in an eclectic hotel over a 175-year period. But it is really a story about redemption. This one is written in an almost lyrical fashion, and like all of my novels, it is not what it first appears to be.

As you may see, I work on several projects simultaneously. I find it's an efficient way to write: If I get stuck on one book, I simply move to another. What you might also find in my books is that characters and places from one tend to pop up in another. My novels will be linked, and in a way, I'll be writing one continuous story that never ends.

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