9 Dimensions of the Soul, The

9 Dimensions of the Soul, The

9 Dimensions of the Soul, The

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Jan 26, 2007

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David Hey
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Many people are familiar with the Enneagram, a description of personality types. Many are increasingly familiar with Essence, meaning qualities of being, a rapidly developing field in modern psychology. 9 Dimensions of the Soul is the first book to relate the two, understanding the personality types of the Enneagram in relation to the Essence. It integrates, in a direct practical way, the spiritual and psychological dimensions of the Enneagram. In doing so it sheds a new light on our personality, its origins and how it operates, presenting an accurate map of our inner and outer self, our personality and our inner being. It shows how these two dimensions are connected, and how they hold the key to our personal transformation and to fulfilling couple relationships. It functions equally well on a broader social scale, revealing new insights into how organizations and countries actually function.

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