Ren Koi

Ren Koi

John Loxley aka Ren Koi is a British author, Team leader and Coach. As a DJ and music producer, he spent over ten years in active addiction before joining Twelve Step recovery fellowships in 2010 - following an emotional breakdown.

In 2009, John had a spiritual awakening after hitting 'rock bottom'. He then had a series of spiritual experiences and a psychic-change as a result of being sponsored through the Twelve Step Programme. Having a strong affiliation with Zen Buddhism, he chose the pseudonym Ren Koi (Ren meaning ‘love’ and Koi being the symbol of peace in Japanese culture) for his authorship.

In his first book, Addiction Prevention: Twelve Steps To Spiritual Awakening (2016), Ren proposed that the implementation of Twelve Step classes in schools could prevent the onset of mental health issues that people attempt to medicate with addictive substances and damaging behaviours (such as gambling and/or sex), which can lead to substance and behavioural addictions. He has since published five more titles: Anonymous God; Together; The Spiritual Malady; 7 Steps to Success; and All Is One (2022) on O-Books.

Working in the substance misuse treatment and recovery field since 2015, John continues to carry the message of recovery to those suffering with addictions. He works in partnership with people, both personally and professionally, to help them change their lives and achieve positive and life-affirming goals.

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