Douglas Charles Hodgson

Douglas Charles Hodgson

Douglas Hodgson is a former Dean and Professor of Law, currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. He undertook postgraduate legal study at the University of London before embarking on a 35-year career in higher education in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as a teacher, researcher, scholar, human rights advocate and university administrator.

His areas of expertise include Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Civil Law, Causation Law and Human Rights Law. He has published extensively in the field of children's human rights. Professor Hodgson has authored and published 30 peer-reviewed Law journal articles and four books:

The Human Right to Education (Dartmouth/Ashgate, Aldershot, Hampshire, England, 1998)

Individual Duty within a Human Rights Discourse (Ashgate, Aldershot, Hampshire, England, 2003)

The Law of Intervening Causation (Ashgate, Aldershot, Hampshire, England, 2008)

International Human Rights and Justice (ed.) (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, NY, USA, 2016)

His professional networks included the Australian Academy of Law, the Council of Australian Law Deans, the Global Law Deans' Forum and the Australian Research Council. He also served as an advisor to the Australian Red Cross, editor of several Law journals and as a member of university human research ethics committees.

He is a regular attender and alumnist of the Oxford Round Table where he delivered addresses on the concept of an international rule of law, the protection of children's international human rights and the challenges of religious fundamentalism in the public school system from a human rights perspective. As a complement to his work on religious discrimination issues in the educational field, he developed a passion to study and compare the scriptures of the world's faiths and distil therefrom common and unifying spiritual principles upon which these great and diverse religions are based.

He lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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